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Mordred's lullaby MEP 2nd Volume OPEN

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1Mordred's lullaby MEP 2nd Volume OPEN Empty Mordred's lullaby MEP 2nd Volume OPEN on Wed Aug 03, 2011 9:42 pm


Type: Crossover
Theme: Choose a heroine who was in love with a hero and then this hero betrayed her and after he left her she gave a birth to the son and then after this boy grew up heroine tells him about his fater which he has NEVER seen !!! After this you can do whatever ending you want (you want this boy can kill his father for example ) but remember ONLY SAD ENDINGS HERE !!!

-EVERYONE CAN ENTER(but if I don't like your part then I'll ask you to re-make it ,of cause I'll point out what I don't like and how to re-make it !!!!)
~NO textures please only colorings are allowed this time
~Follow the lyrics of the song
~only human movies are allowed
~Do not repeat characters
~Please guys wait for my approval
~Only Disney and Non Disney footage is allowed
~Have fun !!!

Part 1 StormCin[ Kida/Queen La, Little Creek/the chief from Poca and Kocoum/Child Rameses]
Part 2 Cherryfoxify[Don't remember] Embarassed
Part 3 EsmeraldaofNotreDame(Phoebus/Esmeralda/Ahesa /Asenoth/Moses(as a child)/Ramses)
Part 4 0AthenaChan0(Belle/Tulio/Jim)
Part 5 Sunsisopho(Tzipporah/Moses/Shang/Tarzan)*
Part 6 FeatherGoblinfly(Hercules/Queen Tuya/Jasmine/Proteus)
Part 7 EllieLupin91(Aurora/Aladdin/John Smith/Cody)

Volume 2
Part 1 xRolePlayGirlStudios(Mulan/Hercules/Aladdin)
Part 2
Part 3 CountessCain(Meg/Milo/Tarzan)
Part 4
Part 5 DragonofthePen (Cale/Cinderella/Dimitri)
Part 6
Part 7 magububu (Tuptim(Jocheved)/Shang(the king of Siam)/Proteus)

sendspace.com fimh66


2Mordred's lullaby MEP 2nd Volume OPEN Empty Re: Mordred's lullaby MEP 2nd Volume OPEN on Sun Jul 08, 2012 3:34 am


I want to use John Smith & Andrina with their son being Urchin. I'd need a new download link though cause the old ones have expired so I don't know which part I want.


3Mordred's lullaby MEP 2nd Volume OPEN Empty Re: Mordred's lullaby MEP 2nd Volume OPEN on Sun Jul 08, 2012 6:45 am


Alright! I'll work on getting you the music!


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